MODEL BASED REASONING 2006 CHINA              combine_images

From Thursday the 3rd to Saturday the 5th of July 2006, the International Conference

MODEL BASED REASONING IN SCIENCE AND MEDICINE                                                                       Chair: Ping Li and Lorenzo Magnani

took place at Guangzhou (Canton), P. R. China.


The conference derived from a research cooperation between the Department of Philosophy of Sun Yat-Sen University and the Department of Philosophy of the University of Pavia and continued the themes both of the Conferences “Model-Based Reasoning in Scientific Discovery” MBR’98, “Model-Based Reasoning: Scientific Discovery, Technological Innovation, and Values” MBR’01, and “Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Engineering: Abduction, Visualization, and Simulation” MBR’04, and of “the First International Conference of Philosophy and Cognitive Science: Science, Cognition, and Consciousness”, 2004. MBR_China 2006 was officially recognized as a part of the Year of Italy in China that has begun with series of events on January the 19th and the 20th (more information at http://www.yidalinian.org/.) The conference dealt with the logical, epistemological, and cognitive aspects of modeling practices employed in science and medicine, including computational models of such practices. We solicited papers that examine the role of abduction, visualization, and simulation in model-based reasoning from philosophical, historical, sociological, psychological, or computational perspectives.

GO TO PROCEEDINGS L. Magnani and P. Li (eds.) (2007), Model-Based Reasoning in Science, Technology, and Medicine, Series Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol. 64, Springer, Berlin/New York

GO TO SPECIAL ISSUE Honghai Liu and Spyros G. Tzafestas (Guest Editors), Special Issue on Model Based Reasoning in Engineering and Robotic Systems