From Thursday the 3rd to Saturday the 5th of June 2004, the International Conference

European Computing and Philosophy Conference (ECAP)                                                                          Chair: Lorenzo Magnani

took place at the Computational Philosophy Laboratory and the Department of Philosophy of the University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy.



The conference dealt with all aspects of the “computational turn” that was occurring within the discipline of Philosophy.

We solicited papers that examined topics pertaining to computing and philosophy from the following list.

  • Cognitive Science, Epistemology, and Metaphysics
  • Abductive Reasoning, Scientific Discovery, Creative processes
  • Internal and External Representations in Cognitive Science
  • Simulation, Embodiment, and Distributed Reasoning in Computational Models
  • Problem of Consciousness in Philosophy
  • New Models of Logic Software
  • Computer-based Learning and Teaching Strategies and Resources
  • Ethics and Computers
  • The Impact of Distance Learning on the Teaching of Philosophy
  • The Role of Computers as Tools for Philosophical Research