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4th International Workshop on Detection, Classification and Localization of Marine Mammals Using Passive Acoustics

Linked Workshop:

1st International Workshop on Density Estimation of Marine Mammals Using Passive Acoustics

Cairoli College, University of Pavia, Italy
September 2009, 10th - 13th

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4th International Workshop on Detection, Classification and Localization (DCL) of Marine Mammals Using Passive Acoustics

The purpose of this workshop is to present current research on the detection, classification and localization of marine mammals using passive acoustics. Researchers are invited to present their scientific work, to detail the advantages and drawbacks of the methods they use, and to show their recent results. The workshop encourages an interdisciplinary approach oriented at solving real-world problems related to the study of marine mammals and the effect of anthropogenic sound on their behavior.
Topics will be extended beyond passive acoustics to other relevant areas of research that directly relate with the main topic (see list in appendix). To encourage researchers to focus on a common topic and to directly evaluate and compare different approaches and solutions, a common dataset is available online.

Scientific Topics
The objective of the workshop is to exchange information that advances general understanding of methods to detect, classify, locate, track and monitor marine mammals in their environment. After three workshops dedicated to individual species, this fourth workshop is focused on a more complex issue: the analysis of real-world complex acoustic scenes and the use of the context for identifying acoustic components of interest.

Previous DCL Workshops
I - Halifax, Canada (2003); II - Oceanographic Museum of Monaco (2005); III - Boston, U.S. (2007)

A set of underwater recordings is available online to encourage researchers to work on a common dataset, to focus on the same problems, to find original solutions, and to present and compare them at the workshop.
Participant are invited to present their work on marine mammal passive acoustic detection and classification or other relevant research. They are encouraged to test their methods using the standard dataset provided and discuss the results.

The Dataset is available at ftp://mammiferimarini.unipv.it
Login: DCLWorkshop Password: cibra2009

Dataset description

Presentations from different research and academic fields are welcome. Specialists in biology, physiology, acoustics, oceanography, signal processing, mathematics, electronics, computer science are all invited to bring their experience to the workshop.
Participation may be limited to ensure a dynamic and interactive exchange.

Workshop Schedule
3 days will be dedicated to oral presentations, to poster presentations, to open discussion, and to a round table to discuss about emerging research needs and trends.
A 4th day will be dedicated to a dedicated linked Workshop (see below) on the use of acoustic data to estimate population density.

Having these workshops organized together is particularly topical given the emerging interest and need for processing acoustic monitoring data into meaningful population statistics to be used for science, management and conservation.

1st International Workshop on Density Estimation (DE) of Marine Mammals Using Passive Acoustics

This one-day workshop will bring together researchers working on estimating absolute density or abundance of marine mammal populations using passive acoustics. It will commence immediately after the DCL workshop. All those attending the DCL workshop and with an interest in this field are welcome to attend. The workshop will begin with a tutorial overview of the area, followed by contributed oral and poster presentations showcasing relevant research. Time will be set aside for open discussion. We invite participants with relevant research in this area to submit it for presentation in oral or poster form. We anticipate that interest in this workshop will be high, and we may need to limit participation to ensure dynamic and interactive exchange of ideas.

Financial Sponsors
Office of Naval Research US, Award N00014-09-1-0894
Office of Naval Research Global, Grant N62909-09-1-1088
The content of the information presented at the workshops does not necessarily reflect the position or the policy of the United States Government and no official endorsement should be inferred.

Scientific Sponsors
NATO Undersea Research Center, ACCOBAMS, University of Pavia, University of St.Andrews

Scientific Committee
Gianni Pavan (CIBRA, Univ. of Pavia, Italy); Walter Zimmer (NURC, Italy); David Moretti (NUWC, US); Bob Gisiner (MMC, US); John Potter (Acoustic Research Laboratory, Tropical Marine Science Institute, National University of Singapore); Olivier Adam (NAMC, Univ. of Paris, France); Len Thomas (Univ St Andrews, Scotland; convenor of the DE workshop).

Organizing Committee
Gianni Pavan, CIBRA (DCL Workshop); Len Thomas, StAndrews University (DE Workshop)

Workshops Secretariat (registration, payment, & accomodation booking) is managed by
PRAGMA Congressi email congressi2@pragmacongressi.it

The workshops will be held in the historical buildings of the University of Pavia, Italy, where Spallanzani in the 18th century studied the ability of bats to fly in the dark. The workshop is organized by CIBRA, the Interdisciplinary Center for Bioacoustics and Environmental Research with the support of PRAGMA.

The conference hall is in the Cairoli College (Piazza Collegio Cairoli).

Internet workstations with shared printer - Free WiFi access

Deadlines & Important Dates

May 1, 2009: Registration and Abstract submission opening
June 8:  Deadline for abstract submission (300 words max)
June 27:  Notification of Acceptance
June 30:  Deadline for Early Registration, Payment and Accomodation Booking

September 30: Deadline for presenting full papers for the Proceedings (details will be available soon)


September 9: 17 PM, Registration opening and welcome buffet
September 10 to 12: DCL Workshop
September 13: Density Estimation Workshop

Download the program of talks and lectures, with the list of posters.

Download a brochure of the workshops.

Abstract Submission

There will be joint submission of papers to both workshops. The Scientific Committee will accept abstracts (300 words max) by email, preferably in MS Word format (abstract template).

Send Abstracts to gianni.pavan@unipv.it
Indicate in the submission the preferred workshop (DCL or DE) and session (Oral presentation on DCL dataset analysis, Oral presentation on related topics, Poster session).
The abstract will be assigned to an oral presentation or poster session by the scientific committee.
Official language of the workshop is English. Time allotted for oral presentation is 15 min followed by 5 min for questions and discussion. A session will be dedicated to poster discussion.
A number of selected contributes will be accepted for publication in a special edition of a peer-reviewed journal (to be decided).

All abstracts of presentations and workshops summaries will be published online.

Questions regarding the workshops should be directed to Gianni Pavan < Gianni.pavan@unipv.it >

workshops topics
1. Underwater acoustics
1.1 Acoustics materials
1.2 Theory, model development, and applications of underwater acoustic propagation
1.3 Multi-channel arrays
1.4 High Frequency Sensors (>20 kHz)
2. Detection and Classification
2.1 Passive acoustic methods
2.2. Active acoustic methods
3.2 Alternate methods (IR, laser, hyperspectral, radar)
3. Localization
3.1 Localization 2D - 3D
3.2 Tracking Algorithms
3.3 Bearing Localization
4. Biology of Marine Mammals
5.1 Behavioral & physiological studies
5.2 In-situ studies
5.3 Animal dive and vocalization behavior
5.4 Captive studies
5. Density Estimation
5.1 Visual [integration with acoustic data, to be covered in the DE workshop]
5.2 Active acoustic
5.3 Passive acoustic [to be covered in the DE workshop]
6. Other applications
6.1 Real Time Systems
6.2 Predictive Models
6.3 Mitigation Systems

Organizing Secretariat

Conference Secretariat (registration, payment, & accomodation booking) is managed by

PRAGMA Congressi
Corso Mazzini, 14
27100 Pavia (I)
Tel. +39 0382 309579
Fax. +39 0382 304892


Registration, Payment, Accomodation

Participants are kindly requested to fill in the Registration and Accommodation form (download the form) and send it to the Organizing Secretariat (Pragma Congressi) preferably by e-mail congressi2@pragmacongressi.it or by fax +39 0382304892.

Workshops Fees

DCL Workshop 180€, DE Workshop 60€, both Workshops 200€.

After the deadline and at the conference, the registration fees are 215€, 70€ and 240€ respectively.

The standard fees will be maintained for few days for those Authors who will receive late response about the acceptance of their abstracts.

The DCL Workshop fee includes:
Welcome cocktail on September 9th (late afternoon), coffee breaks, lunches, social dinner, certificate of attendance, conference kit, abstracts book, wifi-access, internet kiosk
The DE Workshop fee includes:
Coffee breaks, lunch, certificate of attendance, abstracts book, wifi-access, internet kiosk.

Special fees for students of the course on Terrestrial and Marine Bioacoustics, CIBRA students, and one-day visitors:

One-day registration 100€  - social dinner not included
Students                     80€   - social dinner not included

Social dinner              40€

Accomodation information

Comfortable accommodation will be arranged in University Colleges and in three and four star Hotels. Some of the colleges are historical institutions going back to the 16th century. The colleges are always very comfortable and provided with single rooms and personal bathrooms. Most of them are located within walking distance from the conference venue.

Booking will be managed by the workshop Secretariat. Details and accomodation prices are in the Registration form.


For hotel accommodation participants are requested to send, together with the booking form, a credit card number as a guarantee only. It is not necessary to leave a deposit, but in case of no-show the Hotel will charge on the credit card a fare of one night. Participants will pay the Hotel directly, on site.


Participants are requested to pay the college accommodation in advance by using the Registration form.

Accomodation Fees

Special accomodation fees are available for those who register and book through the Workshops Secretariat. We strongly suggest to book early.

  Single Room Double Room  
University Colleges
€ 70 N/A breakfast included
Hotel *** € 75-90 € 90-110 breakfast, air conditioning, car park

Hotel ****

€ 145 € 160 breakfast, air conditioning, car park

Technical/commercial exhibit

Companies and Institutions willing to show and demonstrate their products and services related with underwater bioacoustics are welcome. Information about fees and available facilities are available on request. Write to gianni.pavan@unipv.it for details.

Poster exhibit

Posters should not exceed 90 cm in width and 120 cm in height. It is suggested to provide and distribute A4 prints of your posters; to be sure your posters are easily readable, even reduced to the A4 format, don't use a character size smaller than 24 points. As a general rule, check carefully that your poster is readable when printed in A4 format.

How to reach Pavia

Here you find information for reaching Pavia and moving in the town centre.


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