1. All the events of E-CAP2004, except the reception on Thursday Evening (7:10 pm) (Dipartimento di Filosofia, Piazza Botta 6, phone 0382-506341) will take place in the Collegio Ghislieri, Piazza Ghislieri, phone 0382-37861; you could reach it by Taxi -radiotaxi (+39) 0382 576 576-  or by bus n.3 getting off at Piazza del Municipio or C.so Mazzini). The historical College was founded by the pope PIO V (his last name was Ghislieri). All lectures will be given in Aula Goldoniana, Salone San Pio, and Aula Sandra Bruni.

    2. Coffee will be served at the "Salone del Rettorato", on the right corner of the Cloister of Collegio Ghislieri during the coffee breaks.

    3. The Registration Desk will be in the so-called Aula del Camino, just few steps from the Aula Goldoniana. There will be a notice board in front of the Registration Room. The Registration desk will be open from 08.00 to 8.55 am on Thursday June 3, and every day during coffee breaks. Elena Gandini will be at your own disposal for any request (mobile: +39 349 5541915).

    4. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday June 3, 4, 5, from noon to 02.00 pm, lunch is available at Collegio Castiglioni Brugnatelli at a special discount for the participants. The ticket will be bought there just before lunch time. Collegio Castiglioni Brugnatelli (phone 0382-33518) is in the building situated in the other side of Piazza Ghislieri three minutes walking from Collegio Ghislieri (the entry is in Via S. Martino 18). Please show your Conference badge.

    5. In case of emergency, you can reach Prof. Lorenzo Magnani at the cell phone +39-340-2888768 (0340-2888768 inside Italy) or at home (+39-0383-371067 but 0383-371067 inside Italy or Pavia). Please use these phone numbers also during the Conference.

    6. Congress Reception: Thursday Evening (7:10 pm) (Dipartimento di Filosofia, Piazza Botta 6, phone 0382-506341).

    7. Remote login: participants who want to read their e-mails may do so in the Computational Philosophy Laboratory (Department of Philosophy, Piazza Botta 6, phone 0382-506283), Friday and Saturday from 08.00 am to 9.00 am. I will try to find a PC available to this aim during the reception at the Department of Philosophy (June 3, Thursday, 07:10 pm).

    8. Xerox Copies: near Collegio Ghislieri there are many shops where the copies may be made. For example near Corso Carlo Alberto (some 50 meters from the main entrance to Collegio Ghislieri) you will find C.L.U. Library, Via S. Fermo 3/A (Phone 0382-35473).

    9. Banks: most major banks have a branch near Piazza della Vittoria, the center of the town, very close to Collegio Ghislieri (open from 08.30 am to 01.30 pm).

    10. In Collegio Ghislieri some public Phones may be found at Sale Comune Studenti. Special CARDS are needed (you can buy Italian phone cards at the shops - called TABACCHERIE - with a big ``T'' near the entrance).