International BioAcoustic Congress

CIBRA, University of Pavia, 15-18 September 2007

Palazzo San Tommaso, Via Siro Comi, Piazza del Lino 2, ground floor, Aula G1


The proceedings of the Congress will be published by the Journal BIOACOUSTICS in a special double issue entitled " Advances in Bioacoustics III ".

As the number of presenting Authors was very high, more than 120 contributes have been presented at the Congress in Pavia, the abstracts will be published online and a selected number of peer-reviewed papers will be published in a special issue of the Journal Bioacoustics.

Each issue holds about 110 pages and thus, depending on the number and length
of selected papers, we could publish...

(16-17 pages - each full text page is 400 words)


or a mix of the two.

Received papers will be peer-reviewed and ranked according to Referee's scores. Papers with highest scores will be selected to fill the number of pages available. Authors will be notified about the results of the ranking process by mid July. Selected papers will be eventually returned to Authors to tune their manuscripts according to Referee's comments. If everything goes well papers should be sent to the Editor at the end of September.

I invite all Authors to send their contribute no later than April 30th to let reviewers enough time to complete the reviews and return the manuscripts before the summer holidays;

Authors who presented an talk in a dedicated session are kindly invited to coordinate their efforts with the session organizers.

Instructions for Authors are available on the web page http://www.bioacoustics.info/mssubmit.html. To make the revision and editing process as short and easy as possible, Authors are kindly invited to accurately follow the instructions given.


Abstracts will be published online in .pdf format.

Authors are kindly invited to review their own abstracts and to send to the Organizing Committee (ibac@cibra.unipv.it) any correction needed no later than April 30th. Authors willing to whitdraw their abstract should write to the Committe no later than April 15th.

Review process

14 papers have been submitted for publication. The review process is taking more time than expected. At present, almost all the papers have been reviewed (two reviews each) and returned to Authors. It is expected to complete the review by mid March and to receive the final version by the end of April.


The XXI International BioAcoustic Congress has been held in the historical buildings of the University of Pavia, Italy, where Spallanzani in the 18th century studied the ability of bats to fly in the dark. The Congress was organized, for the third time, by CIBRA, the Interdisciplinary Center for Bioacoustics and Environmental Research.

The subject of bioacoustics is principally a marriage between the fields of biology and physical acoustics. Given its multidisciplinary nature, the Congress aims to bring together, in informal settings, biologists from different specialisms (ethologists, physiologists, taxonomists, ecologists, etc) with engineers, sound archivists and amateur sound recordists, to foster discussion and exchange of ideas. To know more about the International BioAcoustic Council visit the webpages at http://www.ibac.info.

During the Congress the 2nd European workshop on animal sound research and libraries has been held. The workshop is organized by CIBRA for the European Network of Bioacoustic Collections for Taxonomy, Systematics and Conservation within the frame of the EDIT (European Distributed Institute for Taxonomy) EEC Project. The network was created based on the agreement of experts who attended the 1st workshop at the Fonoteca Zoologica (Madrid), 27-30 September 2006, to foster cooperation among institutions, researchers and interested amateurs to safeguard animal sound recordings and to optimise their use as a resource for research and nature conservation. Learn more here.

Program (latest update September 11th)

The Congress is based on thematic symposia that covers both the traditional research areas and new emerging themes:

  • "General Bioacoustics" (G.Pavan)
  • "In-air communication in mammals" (I.Charrier & D.Reby)
  • "Monitoring the Environment: Bioacoustics as a tool for inventory and monitoring of biodiversity" (K.Frommolt, et al.)
  • "The impacts of anthropogenic noise" (Y.Yan, et al.)
  • "Animal communication networks: from behaviour to brain" (T.Aubin & N.Mathevon)
  • "How to describe, measure and compare complex acoustic communication signals in birds and mammals?" (J.Vielliard)
  • "2nd European workshop on animal sound research and libraries"

More than 120 abstracts have been received; more than 70 oral contributes and 54 posters will cover almost all bioacoustic topics. Scheduling will be very tight and the congress very "dense".

How to reach Pavia

Here you find information for reaching Pavia and moving in the town centre.

Organizing Committee

Gianni Pavan, Claudio Fossati, Michele Manghi, Marco Priano, Elisabetta Bernuzzi.

Email address for information cibra@unipv.it

Organizing Secretariat

Conference Secretariat (registration, payment, & accomodation bookings) is managed by

PRAGMA Congressi
fax +39 0382304892

Scientific Committee

Richard Ranft, Nicolas Mathevon, Isabelle Charrier, Thierry Aubin, Hong Young Yan, Matija Gogala, David Helweg, Dietmar Todt, Rafael Marquez, Karl-Heinz Frommolt, Gianni Pavan, Guido Pinoli, Michela Podestà


Selected papers will be published in a special Congress issue of the Bioacoustics journal. Instructions will be given soon.

Registration, Payment, Accomodation

Participants are kindly requested to fill in the Registration and Accommodation form (download the form pdf version) and send it to the Organizing Secretariat (Pragma Congressi) preferably by e-mail info@pragmacongressi.it or by fax +39 0382304892.

Conference Fees

Standard € 80,00 (100,00 after July 15th)
Student € 60,00 (100,00 after July 15th; 60,00 for students of the University of Pavia)
Social Dinner € 25,00

Late registration and on site registration fee is 100€.

The fee is reduced to 60€ for the students the University of Pavia.

The Conference fee includes: conference participation, coffee breaks, conference kit.
Participants are requested to send the full payment of the conference fee(s) together with the registration form, enclosing a copy of the bank transfer receipt.

All those who have not registered yet are kindly invited to register as soon as possible to help us in organizing the congress and the related logistics.

Payment (registration and accomodation in colleges) can be made by credit card with the downloadable form. Credit card payment is the preferred one!

In case you prefer to pay by bank (more expensive!!), payment should be made to
Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, Ag. C.so Cavour, Pavia
ABI 01025 CAB 11303 C/C 100000003563 CIN H
IBAN IT43H0102511303100000003563

Accomodation information

Comfortable accommodation will be arranged in three and four star hotels and in University Colleges. Some of the colleges are historical institutions going back to the 16th century. Our Colleges are always very comfortable and provided with single rooms and personal bathrooms. Most of them are located within walking distance from the conference venue.

Early booking is strongly recommended. In case of late booking (after July 15th) it could be difficult to find a room matching you needs. Accomodations in the town centre can't be guaranteed after July 30th.


For hotel accommodation participants are requested to send, together with the accommodation form, a credit card number as a guarantee only. It is not necessary to leave a deposit, but in case of no-show the Hotel will charge on the credit card a fare of one night. Participants will pay the Hotel directly, on site.


Participants are requested to pay the college accommodation in advance by using the enclosed registration/accommodation form.

Accomodation Fees

Special accomodation fees are available for those who register and book through the Conference Secretariat:

  Single Room Double Room
University Colleges
(breakfast not included)
€ 60,00 € 90,00
Hotel **** (to be paid on site) € 135,00 € 155,00

(no more rooms are available in three stars Hotels in the town centre)

Technical/commercial exhibit

Companies and Institutions willing to show and demonstrate their products and services related with bioacoustics are welcome. Information about fees and available facilities are available on request. Write to ibac@cibra.unipv.it for details.

Poster exhibit

Posters should not exceed 90 cm in width and 120 cm in height. It is suggested to provide and distribute A4 prints of your posters; to be sure your posters are easily readable even in the A4 format, don't use a character size smaller than 24 points.


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