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Centro Interdisciplinare di Bioacustica e Ricerche Ambientali

Via Taramelli 24 - 27100 Pavia - Italy
email : cibra@unipv.it

The CIBRA Team

gruppo a bordo 1994

A very small group is at present working most of its time (full time or nearly full time) at the Centro. From left to right: Gianni Pavan, Michele Manghi, Claudio Fossati, Marco Priano.



This group gravitates around Gianni Pavan and his skills and experience in sound analysis, software development, instruments, theory etc. Anyway he is a biologist, and his point of view is pretty naturalistic.
Now engaged as a lecturer in the ecology courses at the University of Venice, sometimes we think he has disappeared in a parallel universe, or maybe he was just an idea..

Marco Priano is the one that works here all of his time. He is the one we all ask to when we have to understand the sistematics of an animal (belonging it to Curculionidae or to Primates it makes no difference), ..a real biologist.
He knows where to find the papers when they have been archived, old books in the library, how to feed my canary, how to dishydratate an insect. He teaches new guys how to turn on the computer and start a basic sound analysis. We sometimes talk about evolution.

Michele Manghi it is me, a male weighting 80kgs, but nobody in the english speaking part of the world thinks my name is definitely NOT Michelle (that is french), but something like Mikele.
I am the only one here who understands Gianni when he is having a "technical trip", but not all the times..
Started from bats, and now thinking about whales. Not too bad, I like open spaces.
Naturalist as studies, but not disliking computers, I make the network run, email run, www run, CD writer spin. The thing I would like to do to pass on history is to understand all about the evolution of communication.


Claudio Fossati, naturalist, since ever involved in nature conservation, study and education. He started to investigate the sea below its surface, diving for hours looking for snapping shrimps 15 millimeters long. The second step was from the surface, tracking sperm whales 20 meters long, and actually from the sky, observing everything glance from the blue.




Other friends who participated to early years of CIBRA activities: Valeria Teloni, Carla Benoldi, Barbara Bonsignori, Gionata Montesi, Chiara Ferrari, Rudi Gobbo, and many others. See the theses page to see what they did here.



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