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Resources on the web

As the amount of information available on the net grows and changes rapidly, we can't keep track of all web pages concerned with bioacoustics and marine mammals. Please help us in keeping this list up to date.


Marine Mammals:


Email discussion lists

Three email discussion lists about marine mammals and bioacoustics are particularly important: MARMAM (concerned with marine mammals in general), ECS-ALL (related with the activities of the European Cetacean Society) and BIOACOUSTICS-L (concerned with bioacoustics in all zoological groups).

To subscribe a list you have to send an email message to the list manager.
Don't append to the message your signature file or any other text.

To subscribe MARMAM send to <listserv@uvvm.uvic.ca> the follwing message:
subscribe MARMAM yourrealname

To subscribe BIOACOUSTICS-L go to http://cetus.pmel.noaa.gov/ABbioList.html

To subscribe ECS-ALL send to <mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk> the following message:
subscribe ECS-ALL yourrealname

To leave a list, you have to send an email to the list manager with the message:
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Very interesting discussion about recorders and microphones are available in the "naturerecordist" email discussion list on Yahoo.


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