Welcome to the Laser Source Laboratory

The Laser Source Laboratory hosts an active research group of Industrial Photonics Engineers, working at the University of Pavia, with broad experience in the fields of lasers and their applications, including diode-pumped solid-state lasers, fiber lasers, ultrashort pulse generation, laser beam and resonator modeling, new laser material investigations, nonlinear optical harmonic and parametric generation, and laser material processing.


In addition, we maintain a long-standing involvement in scientific, biomedical and industrial laser applications, our expertise being successfully exploited in several collaborations with scientific research groups and industrial companies. In particular, this technical know-how was instrumental in starting a successful company for innovative industrial and custom laser developments, the Bright Solutions, srl (for Italian speakers, see this interesting videointerview).


Over the years, we have trained a number of industrial photonics engineers, presently acting in laser companies, either in Italy or abroad, with various professional abilities in fields like lasers, resonator optics, nonlinear optics, opto-electronic instrumentation, laser safety regulations, and laser-matter interactions.