L'esordio politico di Alfredo Rocco 

(dal Radicalismo al Nazionalismo)


N. 200


Summary - This essay aims to reconstruct the very beginning of Alfredo Rocco’s political life, from his short experience in the ranks of the Partito Radicale, in 1907, to the enrolment in the Associazione Nazionalista Italiana, in 1913.

These are the years during which Rocco developed his early ideas about politics and bureaucracy: about the role of political parties and correlate ideologies, economics and foreign politics choices, about the relations between State and trade unions in private and public range of action, advancing some proposals clearly authoritarian, indeed: these arguments he will take up again during his decennial nationalist militancy.

These are some of these proposals that were translated at legislative level during the fascist period, thanks too the appartenance of Alfredo Rocco to the Mussolini governmental staff, as Minister of Justice from 1925 to 1932. This demonstrates a substantial coherence in Rocco's thought, in spite of the apparent inconsequence of some juvenile political choices.