Training activities

The overall activity carried out in the three-year period of the doctorate provides 180 Training Credits for Research (CFR), of which 30 acquired for teaching activities and 150 attributed for the main research projects.

The teaching activity is distributed over the three-year course. At the beginning of each year PhD students, assisted by the tutors propose individual training plans through the form that can be downloaded at this link: (Plan activities)

The plan must be approved by the PhD Board.

The IEIE Board proposes dedicated courses related to the curricula of the Doctoral course. The main objectives are to make the students aware on the current research trends in the specific sector of interest and support their skills.

Courses activated for the 38 cycle (PhD Course IEIE 2022-2023)

Training activities also include classes activated in the frame of the Master courses of the University of Pavia or other universities. In addition, the PhD school recommends PhD students to participate in high-level scientific seminars and Doctoral Schools organised annually by national scientific societies and European networks of excellence.

The inclusion in the training plan of transversal topics that go beyond the purely technical horizons, is highly encouraged. SAFD organizes courses to activate transversal skills which can be consulted on this page (

"Active" teaching activities are also accredited. Presentation at national and international conferences and or in the frame of internal seminars are suggested to train students in scientific communication and public speech.

The complete regulation to the training activities of the IEIE PhD school can be downloaded at this link (Set of rules for the training activities)