The PhD School has been operative since over twenty years. It is well established and one the largest within the University of Pavia. Originally, the School was organized by the Departments of Electronics and Computer Science and, subsequently, it included further scientific areas, with the involvement of the Department of Electrical Engineering. As a result, the School covers a wide range of acedemic disciplines, correlated from both a cultural and technical point of view. This variety is reflected in a number of different curricula offered by the School, corresponding to research areas of relevant interest for the involved Departments.

The scope of the PhD School is the training of researchers endowed with advanced methodological and technical knowledge, through the growth of their creative qualities by the direct involvement in reasearch activities in emerging areas of engineering. In this way, the School aims at forming researchers with a cultural background, which fits the innovation requirements of the present information society, from the point of view of both scientific originality and design ability.

The activities of the PhD School are supported by teachers belonging to groups involved in research activities at international level and provided with the necessary facilities. The research activity has the most important role in the educational process and is accomplished in a University laboratory, in close contact with a research group. It is completed, at the and of the third year, with the preparation of the PhD thesis, focused on a scientific topic of relevant interest.

The scientific level of the research trainig is aligned with the highest international standards, as confirmed by the scientific production of the involved Departments, where the cooperation of PhD students is often significant. The quality of PhDs fits with the requirements for their professional recruitment in design and research laboratories of high level, both in Italy and abroad.