Titolo Tesi di Dottorato / PhD Thesis Title

Ciclo XXX M. CUCUZZELLA Design and Analysis of Sliding Mode Control Algorithms for Power Networks K. LIU Indoor Mobility(Full Phases of Indoor Navigation Services) R. MARCHETTI Study and characterization of Silicon-based photonic components A. MARTELLOSIO Analysis and design of protective structures for feed and reflector antennas G. ROVEDA Mining Git based Software Repositories M. TABASH Workload characterization and autoscaling in Cloud environments A. TRAMONTE Distributed communication and coordination for smart cyber-physical devices M. TUCCI Scalable control of islanded microgrids

Ciclo XXIX D. DE VECCHI Stima della vulnerabilitÓ e valutazione del danno tramite combinazione di telerilevamento e crowdsourcing P. FARINELLO Solid-State Lasers for High Spectral Resolution Lidar Applications A. GUERINI Long and Short term forecasting of daily and quarter-hourly electrical load and price data: a torus-based approach T. KENNOUCHE Tools and Techniques for Heterogeneous Networks Coexistence D. LANTERNA Mining of Forensic Data from File Fragments C. LENZI A Non-Invasive Radar Technique Based on Artificial Neural Network for Breast Cancer Detection L. LODOLA Design and automated characterizationof a 10 bit SAR ADC for diffraction imaging at X-ray FELs T. MA A general citizen-sourcing framework for city services A. MARIANO Non-Invasive and Contact-less detection of the Cardiovascular System Status A. MORALES Adaptive Video Coding to Optimize Video Streaming in Internet and Wireless Ad-hoc Networks K. PENDIEU Models for the Management and the Development of Hybrid Energy Systems: Case Study of Cameroon A. SALENTINIG Human settlement characterization at the global scale by fusing SAR and multispectral data set at multiple resolutions M. TORCHIO Model Predictive Control Strategies for Advanced Battery Management Systems

Ciclo XXVIII W. BUTT WAQQAS Speech Recognition Supported by Lip Analysis D. CAPRINO Real-Time Scheduling Applications to Electric Load Management E. CARACCIOLO Femtosecond regenerative amplifier systems with high power and high energy S. DI DIO CAF. Ultrafast Oscillators and MOPA with Yb-doped Materials F. FATTORI Approaches to Some of the Emerging Challenges and Opportunities of Energy System Models M. HARB Multi-risk assessment for dynamic vulnerability: Integrating space-based and in-situ sensing G. INCREMONA Design and Analysis of Model Predictive/Sliding Mode Control Algorithms for Complex Systems A. LIBERALE Power management solutions for photovoltaic applications and energy harvesting systems G. MARSEGLIA Input design methods for active fault diagnosis M. MESSORI Model predictive control for an artificial pancreas: in-silico design and clinical validation S. MOSCATO Substrate Integrated Waveguide components for the Internet of Things: novel structures, materials, and manufacturing techniques T. YANG Microfluidic devices for single-cell mechanical studies L. YOU A smart service orchestration architecture for the analysis and design of smart services, the management of service data, and the control of cloud service levels

Ciclo XXVII G. BENETTI Tecnologie di supporto per la gestione avanzata di reti elettriche A. GIANNINI Parabolic antennas for space applications A. GONZ┴LEZ Modeling of biological processes in cell populations G. IANNELLI Processing and fusion of multiresolution spaceborne Earth Observation data for assessing exposure and vulnerability to natural disaster risk A. NAI OLEARI Innovative control schemes for freeway traffic systems H. NUGRAHANINGSIH Eye behavior and body motion analysis for biometrics and learning G. PARIGI A case study based analysis of the role and challenges of discrete topology in Artificial Vision problems R. PICCOLI Theory, models and applications of Yb-doped fiber lasers and amplifiers D. SACCO Smart Mobility and Data-Driven Smart Services: Reference Model and Design Framework E. TORTI Signal processing real-time ed elaborazioni intensive tramite sistemi di calcolo basati su processori embeded custom o general purpose

Ciclo XXVI A. BARBERIS High Performance Computing for Highly-Demanding Applications A. FACCHINI Microwave treatments of biomass for biofuels production. S. KIANOUSH Low-complexity and Energy-efficient Localization in Cognitive Radio Networks C. LACAVA Nonlinear Silicon Photonics Devices A. LAZZARINI Integrated and discrete photovoltaic energy harvesting systems R. MORO Substrate Integrated Waveguide Components Based on Eco-Friendly Materials M. MUSCI Parallel algorithms for geometrical motif extraction in the secondary structure of proteins G. QUARTARONE Development of energy saving techniques applied to compressed air systems S. RAMPAZZI Strumentazione Embedded per biosensori Lab-On-Chip A. RAMPONI Methodology for the acquisition and analysis of biomechanical and physiological parameters for the evaluation of performances in able and disabled individuals N. RICARDI Classification of aircrafts through ad-hoc feature extraction in Air-to-Air ISAR images S. RICOTTI Eye Tracking for Usability and E-Learning: Case Studies and Research Perspectives S. RIVERSO Distributed and plug-and-play control for constrained systems G. SILVA Optical 3D silicon microstructures: advanced characterization methods and applications M. SIMONETTA Semiconductor laser techniques for optical and THz tomography aimed at industrial and biological applications E. UGOLOTTI New materials for femtosecond pulse generation in solid state lasers

Ciclo XXV G. Barroero Business Driven Service Level Management M. Cametti Future Architectures of Ground Station Antennas for meteorological Satellites or Deep Space Communications G. Capelli Measurements and sensing by using semiconductor lasers F. Careri Economy and security management of reactive power supply and definition of a control scheme for variable frequency operation of offshore wind farms connected via VSC-HVDC links M. Della Vedova Real-Time Physical Systems and Electric Load Scheduling A. Gaggia P.L.I.A. A software for protein-ligand interaction analysis A. Greborio Ultra-fast oscillators for seeding applications and high energy pulse generation E. Hasani Design and development of non linear optical microscopes A. Majani Architetture hardware/software per calcolo ad alte prestazioni G. Nava Study of Photonic devices based on Zirconium doped Lithium Niobate S. Pampuri Predictive Maintenance, Virtual Metrology and Advanced Process Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing A. Savioli Data and Decision Fusion for Indoor Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks M. Soldo Characterization and novel functionalities of advanced semiconductor laser devices C. Toffanin Artificial Pancreas: from modelling and control design to software implementation and clinical data analysis

Ciclo XXIV M. Aldrighi Human settlements extraction from multisensor/multiresolution Sar images K. Bakos A data interpretation chain for hyperspectral remote sensing data aimed at basic vegetation mapping applications L. Brandolini Discrete Approach to Reeb Graph Computation and Surface Mesh Segmentation: Theory and Algorithm P. Dallocchio MOPA laser systems for scientific and industrial applications P. Di Marco Tools and tests for laser material processing P. Dondi Multichannel Integration for Real-Time Multimedia Applications M. Fathi Optical feedback in semiconductor lasers: applications to mesaurements and chaos generation F. Giuppi Active Antennas in Substrate Integrated Waveguide Technology D. Polli Remote sensing for seismic vulnerability evaluation A. Ravarelli User Interface Evaluation Through Eyetracking: New Approaches and Critical Issues. S. Rossi Modelling power system planning and operation following the electricity industry restructuring and the development of renewable energy sources A. Schirru Statistical and Machine Learning Methods for Predictive Maintenance and Virtual Metrology in Semiconductor Manufacturing V. Vercesi Advanced Schemes for Optical Chaotic Cryptography M. Zanola Tunable and narrow linewidth mm-wave generation through monolithically integrated phase-locked DFB lasers

Ciclo XXIII G. Aromataris Three Laser Schemes for Optical Chaotic Cryptography L. Ferrara Design and characterisation of integrated devices for biological manipulation M. Folli Trasmissione dati multimediali su reti eterogenee R. Gatti Pattern Recognition Techniques Applied to Proteins Docking Problems E. Goldoni Application-oriented protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks A. Marinoni Design and decoding techniques of q-ary codes G. Pignatelli Performance Aware Business Process Design - An integrated approach R. Preto Biomasse e pianificazione del territorio: lo sviluppo di filiere per l'utilizzo con tecnologie innovative per la produzione di energia I. Siviero The need to coordinate generation and transmission planning and to ensure a secure and efficient reactive power provision: two key aspects of restructured electricity industry A. Vizziello Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Systems and Application in Cognitive Radio Networks

Ciclo XXII L. Bianchi mobc3: a platform for cross technology data delivery from HPC systems to mobile devices L. Bossi Modeling, identification and multivariable control of a flexible arm L. Capisani Design and analysis of vision-based control and fdi algorithms for robot manipulators C. Genesi Electric power system vulnerability, congestion management in the daily energy market and Long Term Generation Planning M. Latorre Ring-cavity and quantum-dots semiconductor lasers: all-optical signal processing and parameters extraction S. Lodo Progettazione e realizzazione di strumentazione elettronica per sistemi laser e microscopia M. Montagna Electromagnetic modeling ff mm-wave and optical periodic and quasi-periodic structures G. Muliere Modeling of energy conversion and end users systems: local long-term planning and optimization J. Parravicini Photorefractive phenomena in lithium niobate crystals M. Rubagotti Sliding mode control of uncertain nonlinear systems with constraints

Ciclo XXI C. Andreoli Sensori monolitici a pixel attivi in tecnologia CMOS per tracciatura di particelle cariche in acceleratori ad elevata luminositÓ L. Baldini Amplificatore a basso rumore riconfigurabile per ricevitori UWB (3.1-10.6 GHz) funzionanti secondo lo standard ECMA 368 G. Calvi Analisi di affidabilitÓ in memorie a cambiamento di fase multilivello L. CarrÓ Studies on short pulse generation and amplification M. Castellano Low area arithmetical operators for digital signal processing A. Cristiani Progetto e realizzazione di reti e strumentazione wireless R. Faravelli Sviluppo di algoritmi di programmazione multilivello per memorie a cambiamento di fase M. Giachero Sistemi efficienti per calcolo ad alte prestazioni e interoperabilitÓ A. Lombardi A fully integrated wide dynamic-range read-out and temperature control Circuit for Microhotplate Thin Film Gas Sensors A. Martinelli Metodi e modelli non lineari per la grafica in tempo reale D. Miatton Piezoelectric energy harvesting systems for microelectronics applications N. Nazzicari Architetture specializzate per calcolo intensivo e interoperabilitÓ M. Pasian Periodic structures for space and defence applications L. Picolli A/D converters in submicron technologies E. Pozzati CMOS pixel microsensors for charged particle tracking at the international linear collider D. Raimondo Nonlinear model predictive control: stability, robustness and applications S. Ruzza Design and characterization of mixed-signal ICs for motor drive appications M. Sosio Wideband front ends for UWB and mm-wave low-power wireless communications M. Stasolla Characterization and monitoring of urban settlements by means of VHR Remote Sensing Imagery A. Trita Integrated optical devices based on semiconductor materials C. Vecchio Sliding mode control: theoretical developments and applications to mechanical systems

Ciclo XX C. Della Fiore 1.6 Gigasamples/sec 12-bit CMOS current-steering DAC with internal Hadamard modulation A. Fantini Memorie non volatili di prossima generazione M. Formaggi Enhanced Modeling and Design of Ground Station Antennas for Space Applications G. Franchino Nonlinear model predictive control: stability, robustness and applications I. Galdi Band-Pass sigma-delta design with noise transfer function syntesis C. Ghezzi Current mode building blocks for scaled CMOS wideband receivers L. Gobbi Integrated voltage multipliers for low voltage non volatile memories M. Lanati Quality of service management techniques for IP based heterogeneous networks R. Massolini Alogoritmi digitali per la calibrazione in background delle non-idealitÓ in convertitori A/D E. Randone Fenomeni di retro-iniezione ottica in laser a semiconduttore e applicazioni D. Sanzogni High speed circuits for data recovery in multi-gigabit wireline communications D. Scarpa Sviluppo di sistemi elettronici per apparecchiature ottiche ed optoelettroniche per applicazioni scientifiche ed industriali G. Trianni Techniques for fusion of remotely sensed data over urban environments