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SeaWave - Sound Emission Analyzer Wave edition

SeaWave is a light version of the SeaPro package. It is free! Developed by CIBRA and AEST, it offers most of the functions and capabilities of SeaPro; it runs up to 200kHz in all windows versions, including XP, and up to 250kHz and 384kHz in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 version 1703 for both real-time spectrogram visualization and continuous recording to disk. This free version has some limitations, however it can satisfy most user needs. Recording  functions are limited to single file recording with 680MB max file size. Other limitations are about the advanced settings panel for fine tuning the aspect and behaviour of the program and for saving/restoring the user configuration.

This SeaWave edition supports the Dodotronic UltraMIc192k UltraMic200k, UltraMic250k and UltraMic384, special ultrasonic microphones with integrated high speed 16bit AD converter and USB port. The UltraMic384k is also available with BNC connector to connect a user sensor. These microphones are great for recording ultrasounds up to near 90, 120, 180kHz (bats, rodents, insects....), depending on the model. The 192k and 200k models are compatible with Windows XP and latest versions (SEE NOTE). Higher speed models allow to cover all bat species, including horseshoe bats (Rhinolophidae). To know more about the UltraMic compatibility with other operating systems visit the Dodotronic web pages. 

WARNING NOTE: the Dodotronic UltraMic 200, 250 and 384 can be used on Windows 7, but they are not compatible with SeaWave and SeaPro in Windows 8/8.1 and early Windows 10 versions. They are fully supported only in the latest Windows 10 releases (version 1703 and newer).

The UltraMic doesnot require a driver, just plug in, run SeaPro, choose the UltraMic as input device, and set the right sampling rate!  The UltraMics work well even on netbooks and tablets with the Atom cpu.

For Linux and Mac users: SeaWave and the UltraMics work well in virtual windows under both Linux and Mac OSX (VMWARE and PARALLELS have been positively tested). Another simpler option is to use the CrossOver utility to "encapsulate" SeaWave and make it appearing as a Mac App.

UltraMic connected to a 7" Tablet PC

Updated July 2, 2011 - a new version will be available soon.

Software developed by Gianni Pavan © 1998-2017

The use of this software is free of charge for personal non commercial and non professional use.
Please consider the SeaPro package for professional use.

This version of the software can be redistributed. Any public use, including web pages, which include spectrograms made with this software must include suitable references and acknowledgements to the Author. In case of doubts, please write.

Read a nice review made by Al Milano

Bug reports, users' feedback and hints for new features are welcome.

SeaWave history - List of updates

SeaWave 2 released on March 2011.
added 200k sampling rate to support the UltraMic200k

May 6, 2011
enabled Buffer option to save the last 30s, 60s or more, while not recording
added 192k sampling rate

July 2, 2011
added 250k sampling rate to support the new UltraMic250k

Next release:
320k and 384k sampling rates to support the new UltraMic384k
some bugs corrected

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