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The first bioacoustic researches at CIBRA were just on birds in years 1983 to 1994 (see CIBRA papers and theses). One of the most interesting research made at CIBRA was about individual features in bird songs. For these research new digital techniques were developed (read more).

Now CIBRA is again engaged in birds acoustics in particular with the study of soundscapes and with the development of recording and analysis techniques to be used in terrestrial environments.

Cetti's warbler, usignolo di fiume, Cettia cetti

One the very first research on bird songs was on the individual features of the cetti's warbler (Cettia cetti) territorial song. The song starts with two identical notes, separated by a long pause, that are different in each individual bird. The two initial notes are always followed by two, or more, sharp notes that are almost identical in all individuals; then various pairs of notes follows.

Tawny owl, allocco, Strix aluco

The territorial call (hooting) of a male tawny owl (Strix aluco) and the measures taken to demonstrate individual features.

Spectrogram made with a the DOS software developed at CIBRA


Pigmy Owl, civetta nana, Glaucidium passerinum

Spectrogram of the calls of a male Pigmy Owl and basic measure taken to describe the call.

Tawny owl, allocco, Strix aluco

Pigmy owl, civetta nana, Glaucidium passerinum

Northern goshawk, astore

Spectrograms of different bird species with simple calls (please note the different time scales)

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