Composition And Experimentation In British Rock 1967-1976

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Gianmario Borio / Serena Facci, Forty years after... A pluralistic musicology for British rock

The Cultural Landscape

John Covach, The Hippie Aesthetic: Cultural Positioning and Musical Ambition in Early Progressive Rock
Franco Fabbri, Not at First Hearing. Progressive complexity in English and American bands, 1960-1967
Veniero Rizzardi, Rock and the Composer's Self-Criticism

New Instruments and New Technologies

Christophe Pirenne, Romanticism vs Economy: Technologies and the Growth of Progressive Rock
Lelio Camilleri, Loop, Transformations and Musical Space
Laura Leante, Multimedial Angles in Live Performance

Compositional Techniques

Mark Spicer, Genesis's Foxtrot
Allan Moore, Gentle Giant's Octopus
Vincenzo Caporaletti, Soft Machine's Third

Poetry and Lyrics

Dai Griffiths, Memorable Music, Forgettable Words? Dilemmas of Song in British Progressive Rock between Underground and Mainstream, circa 1972
Roberto Agostini / Luca Marconi, Voice, Melody and Lyrics in Early British Progressive Rock

WORKSHOP: Compositional Techniques in Progressive Rock Bands

Chris Cutler (Henry Cow)
Hugh Hopper (Sof Machine)
Toni Pagliuca (ex Orme)

ROUND TABLE: Compositional Techniques at Genres' Crossoroad

Mario Garuti, Like Bored Angels
Maurizio Pisati, To teach and to trace utopy
Nicola Sani